Tool to delete easier and safer AWS resources

Long time ago we discovered a tool whose main purpose is to delete AWS resources. Initially, we thought this is a totally useless idea. At that time we weren’t able to find a use case where this could be useful.

But recently, free tier expired for one of our accounts and guess what: we created another one, but what would we have to do with the old one? Ideally, to delete it. But who wants to open more than 10 services and drop all created resources?

Then we remember that exists AWS Nuke(here), that could help us to erase all created resources. We used it and:

  • We love it’s very easy to use it
  • Documentation is very detailed, being covered all aspects
  • Its main focus is to make sure you don’t delete unwanted things: there are 2 or 3 things you have to add in order to be able to drop something

Since this tool doesn’t delete by default anything, we think it could be useful to run it at least to see what resources are created and how many of them are totally useless.

Overall, we agree this tool has quite a few places where it can be used, but, just like us, it’s good to know it exists and whenever you need, to use it.

If you see any different use case for this tool, let a comment below!

Happy cloud computing!