Tool to analyze AWS costs interactively

Recently we discovered a solution that could help you monitor and analyze AWS costs in a very nice manner, providing more details than the default AWS billing console.

The tool is named Total Cloud ( First of all, it takes only 2 minutes to sign up. After that you have to create a read-only AWS user and provide access key and secret key. We were quite surprised by the fact you have to install an application – yeah, we’re right, you have to download and install an application – and then you’ll see a world map with costs and resources for each AWS region.

 (taken from

From here, you can open region, enable different grouping and filtering criteria and so on. And at the end, let a comment here to describe your experience with this tool.

Looking back to our articles, maybe you start thinking there are too many tools needed in order to manage an AWS account, but this is not the case. Just check which one is better for you, which one is affordable and that’s it.

Happy cloud computing!

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