Parallel processing in AWS

Let’s start by imagining the following context: a component produces some information that have to be consumed by multiple other services. Ideally, this could be done in parallel. Also, in case a consumer is not up, the information should be stored somewhere in a buffer until that consumer it’s on again. What would be options […]

Pros and Cons of Spring Cloud AWS

Over the past few years, Spring has become the de facto J2EE framework. For most of the Java developers it could be difficult to plan a new project without using Spring framework. A while ago, we started a series of articles about how to start building a microservice using Spring Boot and what else should […]

2 very simple tips to reduce SQS costs

After we published 3 posts about microservices and AWS Beanstalk, we are going to switch a little the topic – without permanently abandoning this theme (sooner we’ll debate more interesting cases) – and to discuss about how to reduce your costs to SQS. AWS SQS is one of the first service launched and an essential […]