Modify capacity of T* instances on the flight

The T family of instances are the best choice if you run a very small application, but occasionally it can handle sudden traffic spikes. If those spikes are becoming more and more common, your application is consuming the entire host bandwidth and sooner you’ll notice that you application is going to response slower than usual. […]

Parallel processing in AWS

Let’s start by imagining the following context: a component produces some information that have to be consumed by multiple other services. Ideally, this could be done in parallel. Also, in case a consumer is not up, the information should be stored somewhere in a buffer until that consumer it’s on again. What would be options […]

How to set system properties for a Lambda function written in Java

AWS Lambda, like other environments, doesn’t make accessible the command line used to start the Java virtual machine. Thus, it’s a little bit more complicated to add the running options to your application or the input parameters, specified as environment variable, or, preferable, system properties. More details about these 2 concepts are available in the […]