CloudWatch metrics publisher using text files

A while ago, we wrote an article where we presented a library written by us that could help you reducing the CloudWatch bill based on a very simple idea: since you are charged per number of API calls, publish metrics in batches instead of publish them one by one. In the initial release of that […]

CloudWatch can be cheaper

CloudWatch is the solution provided by Amazon to monitor your AWS resources, but also your service behaviour. Most probably, if you have ever used DynamoDB or EC2, you noticed some nice graphs with statistics about a table or about an EC2 instance. Most of the AWS services provide by default and for free some basic […]

2 very simple tips to reduce SQS costs

After we published 3 posts about microservices and AWS Beanstalk, we are going to switch a little the topic – without permanently abandoning this theme (sooner we’ll debate more interesting cases) – and to discuss about how to reduce your costs to SQS. AWS SQS is one of the first service launched and an essential […]