Pros and Cons of Spring Cloud AWS

Over the past few years, Spring has become the de facto J2EE framework. For most of the Java developers it could be difficult to plan a new project without using Spring framework. A while ago, we started a series of articles about how to start building a microservice using Spring Boot and what else should […]

Client Configuration tips and tricks (2)

After we went through the most important moments through the history of AWS, we presented several methods about how to adjust configuration settings for an AWS client. In this post, we’ll continue on the same line and we’ll discuss about how to handle failed requests. We know it sounds like a boring topic, we know […]

Client Configuration tips and tricks (1)

There are multiple ways you can interact with Amazon Web Services: AWS Management Console – a web application that offers an interactive user interface, allowing to perform many AWS task, such as launching an EC2 instance, creating a DynamoDB table, and so on. AWS Command Line Interface – a tool that offers a very powerful […]