Plugin for drawing AWS Step Functions Workflows

Even if we try to be unbiased in our articles, we know that, based on topics we present, you can guess what services we are using, what tools are useful for us and so on.

If we speak about orchestrating services, one of our favorite choices is AWS Step Functions. It’s definitely easier to use than SWF, but maybe it’s a little complicated to build the JSON that describes the state machine.

One of the best tools to draw any kind of diagrams is We found a very nice plugin (link here) that can be add to this framework that provides us a very nice GUI to draw workflows for AWS Step Functions. The documentation is very detailed and in less than 2 minutes you should be ready to build workflows.

We tried to clone using this plugin a state machine that is provided as an example (Task Timer) in the SF sample projects section.

The outcome? State Machine generated is identical with that one from the AWS page. Overall, from our interaction with this plugin, we found it very useful. We really believe this functionality must be part of the AWS SF console.

As usual, we invite you to try this plugin and share your feedback with us!

Happy cloud computing!