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Limit accepted requests using AWS ElastiCache

If you want to protect against sudden traffic increases, then definitely it’s a good practice to add a throttling framework. If you run your application on multiple hosts, then you need a way to synchronize statistics across entire fleet. For this use case, Redis is a perfect match.

How logging could kill a microservice

A real-life story describing how logging ran out of control and how to increase EBS size if you run application with Elastic Beanstalk.

How to map object classes to AWS DynamoDB tables

AWS offers a library that works as a ORM for DynamoDB. As always, there are pros and cons you should know before integrating it in your app.

Handling outages with AWS Route 53

Route 53 is the solution from AWS for DNS management. But comparing to other DNS solutions, it offers many fancy features like redirecting to a secondary address if the first one is not available.

Sending messages through AWS ElastiCache

Redis could be used to implement the PubSub pattern for non-critical messages. If your app can tolerate a message lost, then use Redis.

Same service endpoint, but different code versions with Route 53

Route 53 offers a very interesting feature: behind a DNS address could be two or many services, each having different weight, the calls balancing being done by Route 53.

How to setup mail inbox for free when domain is hosted in Route 53

If you host your domain in Route 53 and want to setup email inbox, then you can choose between several solutions, but a free one is offered by Zoho.

Do you use AWS SQS? Then build this tool for critical situations

Someone told us a story about a trivial tool that saved him during a critical event. Maybe we should learn from that story and be prepared in case this happens to us.

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