Monitor your AWS account with Komiser

This post is about a tool that gives you centralized information about AWS resources you are using.  We installed Komiser in less than 5 minutes. And the documentation being very detailed and artifacts for installing for almost all platforms.

We really like the fact that in a single dashboard you have detailed what resources you have created, how much you spent and so on.

What it would be really useful to see in a future release:

  • Support for multiple AWS accounts
  • Integration with SES to see there verified identities status
  • Integration with Step Functions to see running workflows
  • Suggestions from AWS Trusted Advisor

To sum up, we believe this tool is a must have for any organization that runs on AWS. Even it doesn’t solve all AWS monitoring headaches, it’s another mechanism to do that and since it takes only a few minutes to install, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Leave a comment below with your impression and share with us what tools are you using to monitor your AWS account.