Mechanism to interact with cloud application for non-tech guys

Few days ago we met a friend who works as a independent accountant. He described us that most of his work means downloading Excel attachments he receives on email from his clients. Well, for us this kind of work doesn’t  look exciting. Hereupon, we were thinking how to help him to reduce the manual work.

Most likely you know about AWS Simple Email Service. It’s one of the old guard service, being launched in 2011 as a mechanism to efficiently send emails. Meanwhile, in 2015 they offered the possibility to receive emails and store them in S3.

The onboard for receiving requires 3 steps:

  • Verify a domain
  • Setup MX records
  • Create a receiving rule

If you store your DNS records in Route 53, the first 2 preconditions can be done with 2 clicks and the third one is also doable in a console wizard, so nothing complicated. Rules give a great flexibility from receiving SNS notifications to storing emails into S3 and invoking a Lambda functions when a email arrives. All details are covered by the official documentation, available here.

For sure, receiving emails with SES it’s more expensive than other mechanisms like HTTP calls or SNS notifications, but it’s a good gateway to interact with a cloud application for someone that doesn’t have technical skills. We wanted to share this idea with you to make sure you know this feature exists and in case you have a similar scenario, you can think to solve the problem in a similar way.

Happy cloud computing!