March in Review

Meanwhile another month has passed along with our cloud-related articles. We are sure that, as in other months, you have found our topics interesting. At least feedback received let us believe that. In case you missed one post from March, you can find it below:

Endpoints to access AWS services from VPC

There is a very simple mechanism – a must-have – that keeps calls from EC2 to other AWS services inside AWS network.

Load service configuration details from AWS S3

A very simple library we developed that can be used to load Spring configurations from a properties file stored in AWS S3.

Free business email with Hostiero when DNS records are in Route 53

A while ago we discussed this topic by using Zoho, but meanwhile they are no longer free. After checking alternatives, we found that Hostiero is a good replacement.

Plugin for drawing AWS Step Functions Workflows

What is nicer than a drag and drop mechanism to draw workflows for AWS Step Functions?

Push Spring Boot app metrics into AWS CloudWatch

If you want to push metrics from your Spring Boot app in AWS CloudWatch, here is a nice library that could help

Lessons learned from processing 25M SQS messages daily

A list of tips we learned about AWS SQS that could help in case you use this service.

Mechanism to interact with cloud application for non-tech guys

Yes, there is an instrument to automatically process incoming emails.

Basic authentication in Spring Boot

This post presents a standard way to authenticate calls in your microservice. As always, implementation is also included.

We are not going to close this resume without asking you to send a message with topics you want to talk about. Also, any feedback you have about our work is more than welcome!

Happy cloud computing!