Internal names in AWS

Because these days we tend to focus more on vacation rather than work, we come today with a funny post that shows internal name for several AWS services.

Keep in mind that this is just a hunch – we have no official confirmation, but only reverse engineering we had done in the AWS console.


We have wrote several articles about Redshift, the AWS Data Warehouse. We are 99% sure its internal name is Cookie Monster. Is there any link between Redshift and the muppet? No idea, but we found that in the AWS console and in a system table where it stores info about S3 interaction. Check that and you’ll that Redshift stores and loads snapshots from an S3 bucket named cookie-monster-prod.

In the AWS console we found that Java packages are under cookiemonster.

Elastic Beanstalk

We have lost the number of articles about Elastic Beanstalk. But we missed to tell that we guess this service is named Stack Magic. We wonder  what this name is. Again, we found this information by inspecting the console code:

Do you have any other information about internal names? Let a comment below 🙂