Get notifications when a change occurs to your Beanstalk environment

Elastic Beanstalk gives you the possibility of receiving notifications via email when a change occurs to your environment: new instances added, environment health modified or a different artifact is going to be deployed. As when we talk about security, there is never enough monitoring. 🙂

In order to enable this, the simplest setup is to go to Notification section under Configuration menu. Insert there a valid email address (soon you’ll have to confirm subscription).

Once you confirmed subscription, you’ll start receive emails when something happened. But this is not the most important part. In the SNS console you’ll see a topic where you can add other actions to this event. For example a lambda function or a http call. And if you feel you receive tons of spams, you can simply delete that email address subscription from the topic list and let only the rest of subscription to handle any input.

In our way, this approach is quite raw, since you cannot filter what kind of notifications you want to receive. But the positive part is that you have the trigger and, after that, with some work, you can achieve the end goal. The documentation for this feature is available here.

As a conclusion, we suggest you to find a way to get notifications at least when a deployment is done. For the other aspects, like service health, CloudWatch is a good solution. Also, we want to invite you to share here your solutions to process the raw input into more valuable actions.