Free business email for records stored in AWS Route 53 (updated)

If you are one of our many frequent readers, we think you remember that a while ago we described how to setup business email for free when your DNS records are stored in AWS Route 53.

That post (available here) doesn’t contain anymore up-to-date information. It was based on a service provided by a company named Zoho. Meanwhile, that company changes its pricing model and what we presented there is no longer available: their monthly subscriptions starts from 1€. We know, this is not a lot, but if there is something similar on a better price, it is worthwhile to even present this is possible. And then our readers will weight which solution is better for them.

We found that Hostiero offers free email hosting. It comes with some limitations: maximum 3 users supported, 1 Gb space, but it could be a solution if you don’t want to pay for this service.

The entire setup shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Just update the MX records in Route 53 to point to hostiero, like in the below picture and you are done.

After that, simply create an email account in the Hostero interface and then access the webmail to start sending and receiving emails.

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