February in review

Another month, another round of CirrusUp cloud-related articles. Like last months, February has surely kept interesting topics coming. In case you missed one, we inventoried our latest posts.

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Latest posts

An interesting library to extract metrics for AWS calls

We found a Java library that uses dynamic proxy mechanism to generate metrics about AWS calls. Overall, it’s a very nice work, but there are some aspects to be fixed. But even so, it’s worth trying it out.

A helping tool to choose EC2 instance type

Because there are so many hosts families and in each family we have so many configuration, it’s useful to have a tool to filter and see differences when we have to choose our hardware.

Jobs scheduling with AWS ElastiCache

We discussed many scenario where Redis from AWS ElastiCache can be used. This post is about scheduling jobs by a service that runs on multiple hosts.

Good practice to manage secrets for AWS CLI

If you use AWS CLI (and if you don’t, you must do it), then you should see a better way to store AWS credentials on your host.

Controlled chaos for testing your microservice

This post presents a library that can be used to test your service with scenario that happens usually only in production: high latency, exceptions or application shutted down.

A better AWS command line interface

AWS team offers us a better CLI that comes with auto-complete, instant resource identification and inline documentation. We love it.

In the end, we invite you to send us a message with topics you want to talk about. Also, any feedback you have about our work is more than welcome!

Happy cloud computing!