December in review

Below is a recap of our activity during December. Enjoy reading!

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Tunnel to your Redis cluster

There are many use cases where Redis is a good choice, but if you want to connect to AWS ElastiCache from your local machine, you need to create a tunnel for that. Check that post to see how to do it.

On demand vs provision capacity for AWS DynamoDB tables

Recently, a new pricing model was announced for DynamoDB tables. Instead of worrying about provisioned capacity and throttled requests, you can pay per number of calls. But as always, there are some trade-offs to do.

For what is not Glacier?

AWS Glacier is the cheaper version of S3. Unfortunately, if you don’t inspect in detail their pricing model, you can end up paying a lot of money.

Uploading file into S3 from Spring Boot microservice

A step by step post about how to create an API using Spring Boot that uploads a file in S3. The full implementation is included 🙂

Distributed locking with AWS ElastiCache

Redis from AWS ElastiCache can also be used for distributed locking. Again, full implementation is for free 🙂

Another monitoring tool: Blue Matador

A while ago we discussed about Komiser. This post presents an alternative for Komiser.

Internal names in AWS

Because this period our mind is focused on vacation, we decided that maybe it’s a good time to have a funny post about AWS.

Are you aware of Pre-Signed URLs in AWS S3?

S3 offers a feature that let you create an URL and share it with others in order to upload or download things from/to S3.

How to add customization files in Elastic Beanstalk

Customization files in Beanstalk gives you a great flexibility, but it’s something we consider it’s not properly documented.

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Happy cloud computing!

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