Comparing tools for AWS diagrams

Do you that beautiful and professional architectural diagrams of an application? Have you ever wondered how they are done?

Well…there is nothing magic behind, just some tools. About 2 of them we’ll discuss today without pretending we exhausted the list or our opinions should be taken by you.


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Hava is able to extract details about each VPC you have in your account. The integration is done by providing a read-only IAM account and from there, Hava does know to do alone all the work. The diagrams offers many details, but you cannot edit them. For us, this tool is quite expensive: at least 49$/month and without paying that you cannot do more. Again, without wanting to influence, in our opinion this tool doesn’t justify its price.

Maybe a good use case is when you have a complex solution running in AWS and you need a diagram of it, but we consider that during the initial phases of a project this is not the best choice.


This tool also comes with support to import resources from AWS. This feature doesn’t work so well, because it just imports the elements, letting you to arrange them. But we consider its strongest points are the others: you can arrange things, copy from one page to another, export for free diagrams and it’s free for personal use.

Of course there are other tools and libraries like Cloudcraft library for, but since we didn’t have the chance to work with them, we consider it’s not fair to tell something about that.

If you have any experience with these tools or with others, let a comment below!