An interesting library to extract metrics for AWS calls

Probably you know that we published a library that can be used to fetch some basic stats about AWS calls. That library uses an AWS request handler to build metrics that are later published in a text file, in various formats. Recently we found an interesting library that does almost the same things, in a […]

Integrating localstack in your Sprint Boot application

A while ago we presented localstack: a framework that mocks many AWS services allowing you to develop cloud application even when you don’t have Internet connection and without spending any cent. Starting from that, we discovered recently a pretty nice library that can be used to integrate a Spring Boot application with localstack. In that […]

Multiple SSH sessions on EC2 instances in a single place

Recently we changed the audit log format and the old schema became incompatible. The solution acceptable for us was to truncate existing log files instead of making an entire transition with an intermediary step, a cleanup step and so on. Well, this approach seems to be a simple one, but the question is: how to […]

Tool to analyze AWS costs interactively

Recently we discovered a solution that could help you monitor and analyze AWS costs in a very nice manner, providing more details than the default AWS billing console. The tool is named Total Cloud ( First of all, it takes only 2 minutes to sign up. After that you have to create a read-only AWS […]

Comparing tools for AWS diagrams

Do you that beautiful and professional architectural diagrams of an application? Have you ever wondered how they are done? Well…there is nothing magic behind, just some tools. About 2 of them we’ll discuss today without pretending we exhausted the list or our opinions should be taken by you. Hava Hava is able to extract details […]

How to map object classes to AWS DynamoDB tables

Usually, programmatic interaction with an AWS service is done using the SDK. But for DynamoDB there is another official option provided by AWS team: a library that helps you mapping an object class to a table. In a way, it’s what a object-relational mapping framework (like Hibernate or Carbonado) does for a relational database. We […]

Pros and Cons of Spring Cloud AWS

Over the past few years, Spring has become the de facto J2EE framework. For most of the Java developers it could be difficult to plan a new project without using Spring framework. A while ago, we started a series of articles about how to start building a microservice using Spring Boot and what else should […]