For what is not Glacier?

Excluding costs, there are 2 main things that makes AWS great: large number of services offered and integration between those services. And for the last category, a good example is the integration between AWS S3 and Glacier. With only few clicks in the S3 console, you can create a lifecycle rule that automatically moves objects […]

On demand vs provision capacity for AWS DynamoDB tables

Starting a while ago, you can create DynamoDB tables without provisioning a throughput for them. In that way, you will pay for only you will consume instead of spending money for planned capacity that is never used. As always, there are always pros and cons for each approach. We performed several simulations and we want […]

2 very simple tips to reduce SQS costs

After we published 3 posts about microservices and AWS Beanstalk, we are going to switch a little the topic – without permanently abandoning this theme (sooner we’ll debate more interesting cases) – and to discuss about how to reduce your costs to SQS. AWS SQS is one of the first service launched and an essential […]