April in Review

Below is our monthly summary containing what hot stuff from CirrusUp were published during April. Enjoy (re)reading!

Easy way to access local AWS

If you want a client for localstack – the AWS clone that runs on your computer – then this post describes how to get it.

Authenticate requests using HTTP signature

Digital signature is another mechanism to authenticate calls  in your microservice.

About S3 batch operations

We got access to test S3 batch operations and we have some conclusions. Check this post to see them.

Use IAM conditions to restrict access

If you want an extra safety net added to your IAM rules, this post describes how to implement it.

Forward calls with Zuul

Zuul is a very interesting framework about which we will definitely talk about, but for the moment we built a demo about how it can be used to redirect calls.

IAM users vs federated users

This post is not about which one is better but rather when to use IAM users and when the other type is better.

Tool to delete easier and safer AWS resources

If you want a way to bulk delete your AWS resources, we found a tool that can help you in this destructive mission

Integrate JetCache in your microservice

Too much money spent on DynamoDB?High latency? Maybe cache is a solution. If so, you have here an example how to integrate it.

As always, we invite you to send us your criticisms, opinions and expectations in order to make a better and more useful content here!

Happy cloud computing!