Another monitoring tool: Blue Matador

Recently, we discussed about Komiser –  a tool to monitor your AWS account that is free and supports many of the most used services. We have this tool installed and overall it’s a very good choice for this specific use case.

Today we want to show you another similar tool, named Blue Matador. This one is a hosted solution, so you don’t have to install anything. But you have to pay 🙂 The entire setup took less than 2 minutes, but after that we waited for almost 2 days until this solution has learned what we are doing.

Pluses we have noted so far:

  • Very good notifications system – integration with Slack, VictorOps
  • Nice UI
  • Integration with all used AWS services (at least in our case) We loved integration with SES and we noticed that Blue Matador has support for SimpleDB, a dead NoSQL database from AWS
  • Many metrics monitored

A single minus we have noticed: we weren’t able to find any info related to AWS account billing or related to free tier quota.

Since you have for free a 2 weeks trial period, we suggest you to sign up and see if it brings value for you! And after that, leave a comment with your impressions.

Note: This post is not payed or sponsored by Blue Matador. It contains only our opinions about this tool.