A helping tool to choose EC2 instance type

Whenever we have to make a choice, it’s difficult. But when you have hundreds of available options, the mission is even harder. It’s the same situation when you have to choose hardware type for a service: there are many EC2 host families, generations, number of cores, amount of RAM and so on. Moreover, some instances are not available in all regions or their cost is different from one region to another.

Most probably to compare all EC2 instance metrics, you use EC2 official page. We used to do the same, but it’s exhausting. The solution is a website – ec2instances.info. It has behind a great community that maintains it up to date.

All the info contained by this website are also available as a github package that can be cloned and then ran as a Docker container or as a web application. We prefer to use the website, the other options requiring maintenance from our side.

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Happy cloud computing!