A better AWS command line interface

We don’t know about you, but as we had mentioned many times, we do love to interact with AWS using command line interface. Yes, we are developers, yes we use the SDK – especially the Java SDK, but there are cases when the CLI gives us more flexibility and helps us making things faster.Recently, we found another tool for this purpose. It’s important to say that it’s supported by AWS (link here). It’s very simple to install: one command and you are done.

> pip install aws-shell

Maybe you wonder why we like it so much. Comparing to the classical CLI, this one comes with auto complete. Also, it is able to discover AWS resources like an SQS queue without listing it. And the inline documentation was useful several times. So enough reasons to try it.

Another aspect important to make: do you remember that a while ago we discussed about keeping AWS secrets inside OS vaults instead of regular text files? Well, you can use that approach with this CLI.

aws-vault exec cirrus -- aws-shell

Overall, we can say that this CLI it’s definitely a big step forward. We are not that kind of engineers that love to chain long commands, but even so, we are aware there are many use cases where this is the fastest way to interact with AWS, so you have to find the best tools for you.

If you want to give a shot, please let a comment. Not for us, but for the rest of this amazing community. And don’t hesitate to share it with anyone might be interested!

Happy cloud computing!