Lessons learned from processing 25M SQS messages daily

It’s been almost 2 months since we finished to migrate a component that uses RabbitMQ to AWS SQS. The client decided to do that because not because he had problems with RabbitMQ, but because he is working to deprecate self-hosted solutions in favor of managed ones . The first noticed is a higher latency SQS […]

Push Spring Boot app metrics into AWS CloudWatch

Spring Boot is one of our favorite topics on this site. We believe that no matter how much we post about this theme, we still not be able to exhaust the subjects. Recently we found a very interesting library that it deserves to be tried. But before starting discussion about it, let’s say two words […]

Plugin for drawing AWS Step Functions Workflows

Even if we try to be unbiased in our articles, we know that, based on topics we present, you can guess what services we are using, what tools are useful for us and so on. If we speak about orchestrating services, one of our favorite choices is AWS Step Functions. It’s definitely easier to use […]

Free business email for records stored in AWS Route 53 (updated)

If you are one of our many frequent readers, we think you remember that a while ago we described how to setup business email for free when your DNS records are stored in AWS Route 53. That post (available here) doesn’t contain anymore up-to-date information. It was based on a service provided by a company […]

Load service configuration details from AWS S3

Recently, we worked on a microservice that handles many queues for retrying failed tasks, each having different configuration properties. Until we calibrate our application, we had to adjust those configuration properties almost daily and that was quite painful for us: code changes, code review, deployment and tomorrow from the beginning. In order to make our […]

February in review

Another month, another round of CirrusUp cloud-related articles. Like last months, February has surely kept interesting topics coming. In case you missed one, we inventoried our latest posts. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first who receives new posts. Latest posts An interesting library to extract metrics for AWS calls […]

Controlled chaos for testing your microservice

If you run a distributed application you know that even you have 100% code coverage, integration and acceptance tests, there are components you cannot control. You cannot control hardware failure, you cannot control network latency, DNS failure and so on. Today’s post is about a library that can help testing your Spring Boot application with […]